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Issue Number 10, 2013


Fungi: an entangled exlporation

Scholarly Articles

Dancing the mushroom forest

Intimate strangers of the subterrain: a mycelial metaphor for connectivity

Supporting soil fungi to rebuild soils in agriculture

Human-thrush entanglements: homo sapiens as a multi-species ecology

Fungus sacer or radical outlaws?

A poetic mycology of the senses

Real life: Italo Calvino's funghi ecology

Leisure on the recreational fringe: naturework and the place of amateur mycology and entomology

Citizen science in mycology


Circus fungorum: the aesthetics of the invisible and their movements

In praise of lichens: we are lichenicolous fungi

Fungi: the unsung heroes of the planet

Slime moulds: an exquisite obsession


Fleeting lives: a photo essay


At the end of the day


Aspergillus in a well-loved pillow

When I was a mushroom

Filamentous fungi

Unexpected visitors

Chaga: an eclogue in fragments

Nature Morte: for Jane

Ontopoetics Forum


On the emotional footprint in things and places

Reinhabiting the body, de-colonising Australia: poetry, meditation and place in "The Moving World"

Correspondents' Reports

Report from Italy: news from the Italian bioregional movement

Report from New Zealand: beyond ownership

Report from Brazil

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