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Issue Number 15, 2020


Animism is normative consciousness


Feeling and Hearing Country

The Persistence of Plastic: Environmental Public Art and Micro-Plastic Pollution

The Nature Spirits Were Always Shy: Continuing the Polylogue


A whole forest of oaks, the island in the river, the fire and the bees of the Goddess: what Isis said



Poetry, Philosophy Activism Nature 15

Request, (H)edges

Bird Death, Bushfires and Driza-bones, Floods in Chennai

Introduction, 'Wireweed', 'Mitten Crab', 'Wakame Watch'

Coastal Idyll, Mountainous Island, Our Times, On The Organic Form of Art

Book Review

Book Review: Australian wetland culture: swamps and the environmental crisis (John Charles Ryan and Li Chen, eds.)

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