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Issue Number 13, 2017


Mythopoeia and Country: an Introduction


Introduction to Kore story/Persephone's dog

Stillness and Mythopoetic theatre

Mythic events on site

Persephone and me: A personal reflection

A Picnic of Promise


Seated between the eyes of two worlds': The intercultural work of Craig San Roque

Listening to the kindly ones

The land still speaks: Ni, Katitj!

Can my country hear English?: Reflections on the relationship of language to country

Sugarman and Pan: Antipodean Invocations

Ontopoetics Forum

The tree, the cave, the lake, the stream: What the sibyl said

Reflections on Etain Addey, from the deep well: The diaries of Pratale Farm, Eyebright Books, Westbury UK, 2016

Heading South


Land Grab


Creating greener narratives through the environmental arts and humanities: A case study from ACU summer school (August 2017)

Correspondents Report

From Ghana

Book Reviews

Expecting the earth: Life, culture, biosemiotics [Book Review]

Elemental Ecocriticism - thinking with earth, air, water and fire [Book Review]

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