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Issue Number 14, 2019




Living water: groundwater and wetlands in Gnangara, Noongar boodjar

Speaking English with Country: Can the animate world hear us? Can we hear it?

'Making the Darkness Conscious': Elegiac Temporality in Seamus Heaney’s North

Tūwā: Growing and Listening out of Enclosure

Creative Peer Review

Swimming in the Dark

An Italian’s Story

From Attention to Distraction to Attention: Considering an ADD Anthropology


Marrow / Tuétano

For the Black Cockatoo

Animals in Copenhagen's Anatomy House

Fin Whale; The first time I ate polystyrene

Not the Postage Stamp of Christmas Island Pipistrelle!

Arrival at Paducah; The Pamphylian Sea

Possum Dreaming


Heart of Consciousness

Book Review: Lyric Ecology - An Appreciation of the Work of Jan Zwicky (Dickinson, Mark & Clare Goulet, eds.)

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