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Issue Number 4, 2007

Scholarly Articles

Wild journeys into social and sacred ecology

Sound art : challenging anthropocentrism and the objectification of nature

On thinking, dreaming and remembering like a river

Being true to the gift of the Earth : from Nietzsche to Derrida to Creation


We are not finished at the skin : a Cradle Mountain suite

Water’s place

The past

Inland sea

Cohabitation 1

Claimed by country I

Brown fish song


Through the eye of the camel

The Atticus rosary

Practices of place : being present in the land

Place where my heart is … stringybarks, tramcars, and forests

Lake Eyre

Inside or out : a reflection on weeds

A true garden of the Earth


Liana Joy Christensen Wild Familiars Tone River Press, Fremantle 2006

Deborah Bird Rose, Reports from A Wild Country: Ethics for Decolonisation, Sydney, UNSW Press, 2004


Identity, Myth and place : the art of becoming in an ecocritical age


Editorial : from a post-pastoral cowshed

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