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Issue Number 5, 2008


Whale sex


The peachey stone

The Panther ; Kangaroo ; Emblem

Prayer ; The Deer ; Summer

Poems from The Apocrypha of William O’Shaunessy

Photo of pelican in oil slick ; On ecology ; Jack Russell

Claimed by country V and VI ; Pledges of grace ; Paperbark ; When language fails

Buddha Moon ; River syntax ; Cowshed One

At a crossroads near Delphi

Scholarly Articles

The oasis in the ruins : a sustaining and sustainable art

Reflections on modernity, monkeys and men : Edward Tyson and the revelations of enlightenment science

Out of place : close observations of the local kind

Being true to the earth – in peril : finding a voice to touch the heart

Antipodean bestiary : reconstructions of native fauna and national identity in the work of eleven contemporary Australian artists


Tasteless : towards a food-based approach to death

North country abstracts

At the billabong




Book review : Robert Adamson, The goldfinches of Baghdad

Book review : Culture, creativity and environment : new environmental criticism

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